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Thousands of customers across North America trust QuickFrames for rooftop equipment (RTUs), HVACR, skylights, vents, exhaust fans, roof and floor penetrations, and much more.

50,000+ Installations

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Bolt-in & Adjustable

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Welcome to QuickFrames

QuickFrames is a wide family of pre-engineered structural steel frames used to support RTU’s / rooftop equipment, HVAC equipment, roof / floor penetrations, and just about any other framing needed in commercial construction.

Our flagship adjustable framing system requires absolutely no welding; it consists of telescoping rails that easily bolt-on to roof members from under existing roof decking, making it perfect for remodeling/TI projects as well as new construction.

The QuickFrames team is dedicated to delivering an exceptional level of quality and service, all at affordable prices and much faster installation than traditional welded frame solutions.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

QuickFrames USA - Engineered Structural Steel Framing Systems

Bolt-in Framing Systems

QuickFrames has redefined rooftop framing. With a patented system of non-welded rails, we have products for every kind of project. Whether your building needs bar joists, beams, PEMB purlins, a hybrid roof, wood trusses, or just about any other roofing system, we’ve got a no-weld framing solution for you.

Fast and Affordable

“QuickFrames” isn’t just a name – it’s how we do business. Our quotes are always fulfilled within 24 hours; we ship most of our orders the same day; and our patented frames install from under the deck in 15-20 minutes (85% faster than welded angle frames).  You save money, you save the hassle, and as always; you save time.

Engineered, Precision Quality

QuickFrames are engineered for precision and quality.  Over the span of 50,000 installations across the U.S. and Canada, we’re proud to have never had a product returned, and have only received perfect 5.0 reviews. We produce in a factory, not hand fabricated in a yard; every frame is consistent and accurate, every single time.

Expert Customer Service

Our team has decades of experience running high volume, rapid delivery manufacturing operations in commercial construction. We even know a thing or two about structural engineering. No matter the project, your frames will be designed how you need them, manufactured how you want them, and shipped as soon as you’re ready for them – even if that’s tomorrow.

Innovating engineered structural steel framing in commercial construction

Customer Reviews

Industry Applications

QuickFrames are the 21st Century’s alternative to welded angle-iron and channel steel framing.  They’ll support everything from HVAC units (including RTUs, AHUs, MAUs, exhaust fans, evaporative coolers and condensers) to skylights, gravity vents, roof drains / hatches, and even multi-floor chase penetrations. We’re the go-to framing system of choice for some of the largest companies in North America – from GMF to W&W.

Contact us to learn more about how projects everywhere – from L.A. County to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska – are using QuickFrames to simplify and speed commercial construction for good.

HVAC support frames - QuickFrames USA

HVAC / Mechanical

Fast and easy installation in 15-20 minutes. Bolt-in and adjustable means they’re easy to move. No more waiting on mechanical locations. > LEARN MORE
Bolt-in RTU frames - QuickFrames USA

Steel Fabricators / Erectors

QuickFrames replace welded angle frames, so you never have to build one again and can use shop labor time for more profitable projects. > LEARN MORE
Steel Structural Frames for Commercial Construction - QuickFrames USA

Structural Engineering

Specifying QuickFrames on commercial projects saves time and money while keeping the project on time and on budget. > LEARN MORE
Structural Frames for Commercial Contractors - QuickFrames USA

General Contracting

QuickFrames can help keep complex commercial projects on time and on budget, especially when last minute changes happen. > LEARN MORE

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