Introducing QuickFrames

Pre-Engineered Structural Steel Roof Frames for Commercial Construction
QuickFrames is revolutionizing commercial roof frames with our family of Bolt-in Frames made with telescoping rails that adjust to ‘as-built’ building conditions, install easily under the deck, and can be even be relocated after installation. Our Drop-in Frames are pre-engineered and pre-constructed at our manufacturing facility, constructed to your specific job specs.

We also manufacture a wide variety of roof connectors that allow our rails to attach to nearly any commercial roofing system, whether that’s metal, concrete or wood. Our bolted and screwed roof connections eliminate the need to weld inside buildings, and make it far faster, easier and cheaper to move when changes happen.

Every component is manufactured on precision tooling, not hand-fabricated like angle-iron framing. That ensures consistent high quality frames and interchangeable components. And our high volume production facility allows us to respond quickly to last-minute job site changes.  We can even overnight frames when needed.

QuickFrames RTU Support Frames

Our Roof Frame Products

Bolt-in Adjustable Frames

With frame rails that telescope and adjust to size in the field, our flagship line of adjustable frames is perfect for supporting roof top HVAC units, coolers, fans, and other mechanical equipment which frequently change locations during construction.  They are also perfect for remodeling and TI projects where the roof or floor deck is installed already and/or welding is either prohibited by flammable nearby materials or expensive due to fire protection for existing infrastructure.

Drop-in Frames

Available for new builds only, QuickFrames can fully assemble your frames so you drop them in just like angle iron frames using one of our weldable or side-bolted connectors.  What’s the advantage, then, of using QuickFrames?  Our drop-in frames are still adjustable in-field should locations, measurements and/or equipment sizes change.  If a drop-in frame is installed and later needs to be moved, simply detach the rail system, attached new bolt-in connectors, and install the frame in a different location.


QuickFrames Common Applications


Roof Penetrations - QuickFrames
Commercial buildings have unique, and often extensive, needs for their HVAC systems. Whether you use Trane, Carrier or another brand, you’re going to need support for these roof top units (RTUs). A roof top unit and its curb are heavy and require structural support. Fortunately, that’s why QuickFrames is here.


HVAC support frames - QuickFrames
Rooftop exhaust fans are extremely common with production and manufacturing businesses, and other businesses with dangerous fumes. These ventilation solutions help remove polluted air from commercial buildings and reduce health risks by keeping air quality high. There are a variety of types of exhaust fans that can be used, but most get mounted on the roof. Here’s where QuickFrames can help.


Installing QuickFrames Before Decking
Openings in concrete floors of multi-story buildings allow piping and conduit to run between floor levels. Floor openings also weaken the floor structure and can negatively impact walk-ability. As a result, a structural frame is required whenever there is a floor opening in a commercial building of more than 12 inches. This framing helps support the flooring around the opening. Here’s where QuickFrames can help.


Roof Drain - QuickFrames
Roof drains are often necessary for commercial buildings. They enable water runoff and storm drainage from the roof to be piped into the building’s interior and channeled elsewhere. But, they also add a couple extra tasks onto the plate of the project manager, fabricator and erector. This is where QuickFrames can help.


QuickFrames Skylight Installation
Skylights are well-loved by architects and commercial building tenants alike. After all, they provide natural light and increase the beauty of a building. But enjoyable as they are visually, they require extra work from the project manager, fabricator and erector. This is where QuickFrames can help.